10 Napkin Folds you Should Know

Friday, September 18, 2015

10 Napkin Folds you Should Know | www.mountaintopchef.blogspot.com

Looking to impress friends or relatives at an upcoming formal dinner? 

We have the top 10 most common napkin styles that you should really learn, and also makes you look like you got your stuff together. (Like a boss). Its those little details that can make you feel accomplished. The napkins will most certainly become a conversational piece.

Below, I have listed the names of all the napkin folds in our video, with their corresponding difficulty level. 

The French Fold  :1
The Leaf Fold  :1
Silver Buffet Fold :1 
The Stewardess :2
The Fan :2
The Envelope :2
The Dimond Fold :2
Bird of Paradise :3
The Orchid Fold :3
Bishops hat ( Butterfly ) :3

Ironing and starching the napkins are a must if you want a crisp look. It helps make the napkins hold their shape better as well as make them easier to handle.

If the thought pops into your head: ‘ I don’t own any spray starch.’ don’t worry. We have a quick fix for that. Thanks to the great people at HomeLife who have found a solution to your dilemma, you will be DIY starching your napkins in no time. 

The extra effort really shows through in the final product, and changes an ordinary  meal into a beautiful occasion. Another helpful tip, is to practice the napkin fold you have selected multiple times before the event, as to reduce any pressure or mishaps that might happen if you leave it to the last minute.

Bye for now,
Keep it classy.

Silver Buffet Napkin Fold | www.mountaintopchef.blogspot.com

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