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First and foremost we live on the top of a mountain, hence the name Mountain Top Chef.

the-view-from-our-house-on-top-of-a-mountain |

We’re a food blog and youtube channel that's hoping to target both beginners, your average Joes, and experts . All our recipes are step by step videos with helpful tips and tricks. Our hope is to show people that cooking doesn't have to be scary and making things from scratch aren't as complicated as they may seem. Anyone can put a decent meal on the table.

Why? We've been consumers of information and videos on the internet for so long that we decided it was time to give back. We are very lucky in the times that we live, viewing the internet as a place where you can learn absolutely anything, from the viewpoints of so many people.

We would describe our work as experimental, yet successful. We test all our recipes multiple times for consistency and satisfaction. We are always looking for the most scrumptious taste; and then passing the recipes on to you! We have a passion to help teach others through video tutorials because it accommodates all learning types. Plus it gives a realistic-ness to it. We want to build a "tested" recipe library for ourselves and the world, and to be a cooking companion that never judges.

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Our Style. We stick close to our daily food. There are so many exotic taste palettes, but perfecting meals we have eaten in our life so far means more to us on a personal level than being all over the place (and most possibly diminishing quality) for the sake of the blog. We always remember the saying; Jack of all trades, master of none. Its not that we don’t try new foods (because we love nothing more). Its just, we find more value in reformulating our own recipes to find the perfect taste.

Who Exactly Are We? We are a 3 person team. My father, who loves everything food, having graduated with a culinary degree. My sister, who likes everything tech and putting it all together online. BTW, she is self taught ,I admire her self discipline and semi-genius navigating this monstrosity called the internet

Lastly, me. Following my dad's guidance, trying to learn all the secrets of the kitchen, while also learning the technical side of the blog….being the designated writer and all. I found the best way to learn is to teach and that has given me a big boost. Testing recipes over and over to make sure its as awesome as it can be.

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We, as a family, are the mountain top chefssss and we all help each other. From recipe testing, to dish washing, to recording and filming. We also like keeping up our garden, although my sister (in all her tech-geekiness) not so secretly hates all the wilderness.

Posting a new video is a very intimate thing, because we are always criticising ourselves 10 times more than everyone else and we are always thinking we can do better, and hopefully we will build our selves up from the mistakes.
It feels so good being the contributor, and it makes us think why didn’t we start sooner? 

 An unforgettable experience that shaped me as a cook was a batch of cookies I made when I was 12. I made rock hard cookies and handed them out to people in our apartment building. I'm pretty sure some almost lost their teeth. So I tried a different recipe that was then too runny and all the cookies meshed together. My cousins and I, till this day, have no idea what went wrong. I’ve been trying new recipes until we have come up with the cookies we have today.

Is it weird to say that we feel most inspired at one in the morning? When the recording light is no good, and it is in no way the best time to make a video. Watching other peoples' enthusiasm about things that they truly love to do also inspires us.
Our main goal for our little corner of the internet is to make the blog a full time thing. We are getting there slowly but surely. My sister and I are in university getting our degrees in mathematics and e-marketing, but we just love the reward our blog gives us. We feel achievement from our videos when we hear from people that we helped them do something.

We want to improve our blog from every aspect and to come up with more and more helpful material, that contributes in a unique way. We want to make the day a little brighter and the world a little tastier. We are just looking to help people who think that they are kitchen illiterate.
We want to be the friendly internet stranger.

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We have lived and traveled to many places. We have collectively hit every continent except Australia. And that's next on our travel list. We love to experience new cultures and see that even though there are plenty of differences, we are all the same. Knowing love, loss, and the pleasure of food.

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So yup.....that's us.  Any other questions about us you want answered? Just send us a quick message and while you're at it, we would love to hear your requests for what we should make next.

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